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Kicks for Any Occassion 

Seven different looks to wear with your kicks  

By Sarah Koestler

July 18, 2018

Read below on different ways to style your kicks. Whether you want to wear your kicks to school, to a festival or for the summer, we have you covered...

Back to School Look

Struggling to find the perfect first day of school outfit? We have you covered! Wear your KicksBySammy back to school kicks with jean shorts and a top to start your school year looking trendier than ever.

Street Look

A simple pair of jean shorts with a solid crop top and cat eye sunglasses, with a pair of KicksBySammy kicks is the perfect casual street look.

Festival Look

Rock out to the best live music with a pair of kicks! Style your kicks with a dress or romper and a pair of sunglasses to have the perfect festival outfit.  

Summer Look

Summer is the perfect time to strut your kicks. Wear a denim skirt with a tube top to make your kicks pop for an amazing summer style.

Tailgate Look

Are you sick of wearing the same outfit as everyone at your school’s tailgate? KicksBySammy’s college kicks make every tailgate outfit more spirited and fun. Customized hats are also available! Need a tailgate apparel? Listed are a few great clothing companies to pair with your kicks.

Our suggestions

Lojo Bands:

Gear 2 The Maxx:

Camp Look

Whether your camp has a uniform or not, a great way to show your camp spirit is by wearing KicksBySammy camp kicks! We have various camps and each pair is completely unique!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Look

There is no better way to dress for your bar or bat mitzvah than with a customized pair of kicks! Whether you want to include the date of your event, your favorite sports team or brand, your initials or anything else, KicksBySammy can make your outfit and day even more special.

Our Suggestions


All Dressed Up:

All About the Dress:


Need a pair of #KicksBySammy to complete any of these looks? Fill out the form to request a pair!!

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