Frequently asked questions 

Read below to see some of the most frequently asked questions customers have asked Sammy! If you have any questions or would like to place an order, email

Custom Kicks Questions

Q: Do I have to send you a pair of shoes to get them customized or do you provide the shoes?

A: Many customers ship us shoes and work with Sammy to create a unique, custom design! Another option, customers can tell us the type of shoe/size they want and we will order it and add it to the bill. 

Q: How much are your custom made Stan Smiths?

A: Our prices vary! Most pairs are around $150 for the artwork. They are all one of a kind!

Q: How many pairs of kicks have you made for yourself?

A: I have made several pairs for myself! Some of my favorites are the abstract pumas, popart pumas, abstract booties, flower power adidas, UMD converse, UMD keds, UMD hat and custom vans. I also make shoes for my mom and sister, which I wear too!

Q: Approximately how long does it take to receive a pair of shoes from the time the order is placed?

A: We try to be as accommodating as possible! If a pair needs to be a rush order we try and work with client, but if not, usually a month or so after you order we have them back to you!

Q: Do you sell pre-designed shoes?

A: No! Currently, everything is custom to order :)

Camp Product Questions

Q: Are you adding more camps?

A: We will definitely be adding more camps within the next few months! We always like getting requests so please dm us on instagram or email us at for any camps you want to be added!

Q: Do you only sell camp products during the summer?

A: NO! Anytime of the year you can purchase a camp product on our website!

Q: What is the best selling camp product you sell?

A: Blankets and towels/towel wraps are TOP sellers. The blankets are super fuzzy and perfect for a camp bed/bunk bed. Towels/Towel Wraps are also perfect for after the shower, lake, or pool!

Q: Do you make camp towel wraps?

A: Yes! It comes in two sizes. The youth size is a towel material, which we suggest for kids ages 6-12. The adult size is a plush material, which we suggest for girls over 13 (high school, college age). It is perfect to wear while doing your hair and makeup!

Q: Would you be able to design kicks or products for a day camp?

A: All kicks are custom so we can do any design! For printed products we currently do not sell day camp designs, but we are open to the idea!

School Product Questions

Q: When will you be selling KBS notebooks?

A: We will make the notebooks available in the beginning of August for back to school orders!

Q: Do you have prices yet for any of the back to school products?

A: Yes, dm or email for prices and to pre-order. Products will be available on our site next week!

Q: Would you be interested in making backpacks for school?
A: We are definitely looking into it!

Q: Can I customize a lunch tote with my name?

A: Currently, we are not adding custom elements to the lunch totes. If you just want your name typed small in the corner email us!

Q: Which college product is the best for a high school graduation gift? 

A: Depending on your price range: High End (fuzzy blanket- top seller and all the college kids LOVE), Middle End (towel/towel wrap- perfect for the dorms), Low End (neoprene or large fabric pouch- perfect for makeup, school supplies, travel...)

Q: If I do not see my camp or college what do I do?

A: We are always adding more camps and colleges! If you do not see it on our site please email us. Sometimes we will take a custom order (really depends on how busy we are!) 


Q: Can you make phone cases please?

A: We are working on adding some new products this fall!

Questions for Sammy

Q: Who is your artistic inspiration?

A: I have always been obsessed/inspired by pop art. Some artists I loves are Andy Warhol, Peter Max, Keith Haring...

Q: What’s your favorite item you have for sale?

A: I have recently been so obsessed with our baby blankets. I will be expanding my baby line soon so I am super excited about that!

Q: When did you start selling?

A: I started selling custom kicks my senior year of high school back in 2013! Throughout college I sold custom kicks/hats and my senior year of college I decided to turn my “hobby” into a full business with printed products, corporate collabs, customization events etc.

Q: Is everything you design hand drawn?

A: Yes, everything we do is hand-drawn! For shoes, we draw right on them, and for other products the art gets printed.

Q: Are you doing any giveaways soon?
A: Yes! We are working with some other amazing companies right now to plan a giveaway with.

Q: How can my company collab with KBS?
A: Please dm us or shoot us an email at if you want to collab!

Q: Will you be making more bedroom art?

A: Yes! We will start selling some of our other designs on canvases soon.