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As stated on Sojern's website, "Sojern has specialized in traveler path-to-purchase data for over a decade. Sojern is travel’s direct demand engine for thousands of brands—from global enterprises to boutique operators—across the hotel, airline, cruise, transportation, tourism industries and more. They work with companies around the world in air, hotel, car, cruise, and tourism to drive direct bookings." Sojern turned to KicksBySammy to create and design a unique, fun give-away for their upcoming offsite in Aruba. 



KicksBySammy was challenged to create high quality towels that incorporated the company's logo and offsite branding.  The offsite design for Sojern was hand-drawn and completely custom for them! The pop-art style design incorporated their logo, Aruba, beach, travel, flamingo... all items included represented their offsite trip to Aruba.



Sojern was joyed with their plush towels and customized design.  It was deemed a hit by all of the sales employees!

"The towels designed by KicksBySammy are different. There is something special about her artwork and products. When I brought the towel back from Aruba, my two boys immediately ripped it out of my hands and claimed it as theirs." -Bill Harmon, GM Brand Solutions

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