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Fast five questions with the KicksBySammy interns

1. What made you apply to be a part of the KicksBySammy team?

Alyssa: I applied to become a KicksBySammy intern because I love Sammy’s designs and the brand she has built. Plus, I’m so inspired by her work ethic!

Abigail: I applied to be a part of the KicksBySammy team because I had been following KicksBySammy on Instagram for years and was able to watch the business grow from just customized shoes to so much more. So, I definitely wanted to become a part of the team and learn alongside other college students my age to combine our interests and create new ideas to help expand the KBS brand.


June 30, 2020

As summer 2020 gets into full swing, KicksbySammy is excited to introduce our three interns that will work closely with our team to help the business grow. Alyssa Grubstein, a rising senior at the University of Colorado-Boulder, is KicksbySammy’s Social Media/Graphic Design Intern. Alyssa is majoring in strategic communications. Abigail Richman, a rising junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is an Assistant Intern to Sammy Handler. Abigail is also majoring in strategic communications. Francesca Borelli, a rising junior at the University of Maryland, is working as the Brand Development Intern. Francesca is double majoring in marketing and business analytics. 


Here is a quick Q+A to get to know our new interns:

Alyssa Grubstein

Francesca: I started following KicksbySammy when I committed to college the end of my senior year of high school and have been following ever since. When I saw KBS was hiring interns, I immediately wanted to know more! I wanted to be a part of a small business that made amazing products as well as help Sammy continue to grow her business.


Abigail Richman

Francesca Borelli

2. What do you love about KicksBySammy?

Alyssa: I love the personalization of each KicksBySammy design. The designs are so fun and unique! 

Abigail: My favorite thing about KicksBySammy is that everything is customized and that all the designs are hand-drawn by Sammy. I love how passionate and dedicated Sammy is to creating unique designs and products for each customer!

Francesca: What I love most about KicksBySammy is the creativity that goes into every product and design. Sammy is an inspiration to all young entrepreneurs that want to start a business right out of school and take their ideas to the next level.

3. What do you hope to gain from your experience at KicksBySammy this summer?

Alyssa: Through this experience, I hope to gain more design skills and ultimately learn from Sammy about building a business.                               

Abigail: I hope to gain a better understanding of what it is like to work alongside other interns who have different roles than I have, but combine our different skills and experiences to work together and help expand KBS and make KicksBySammy more widely known across the U.S.   
Francesca: After this summer, I hope to gain new experiences with growing a company's brand. I want to learn more about the inside business marketing techniques and use them to make KicksbySammy a well-known business all over the world. 


4. How are you channeling your passions through your work with KicksBySammy?

Alyssa: I am passionate about design and social media, and by working at KicksbySammy I get to channel my passions by creating designs for people to see.

Abigail: I am majoring in strategic communications at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and have really enjoyed all of the classes I’ve taken so far about marketing, advertising, and public relations. I love communicating with other people/businesses, so I am excited to do research for KicksBySammy and help expand the brand and gain a wider social media presence for KicksBySammy on all platforms!
Francesca: I just declared a double major in Marketing and Operations Management/Business analytics at the University of Maryland-College Park. I am so excited about this opportunity to excel at KicksBySammy’s Brand Development position because I am so passionate about making a difference in the company's brand.


Check out @KicksBySammy on Instagram and join our email list below to keep up with Alyssa, Abigail, and Francesca's work!

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