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Fast five questions with the KicksBySammy interns.


June 19, 2018

For the 2018 summer, KicksBySammy decided to take on two college-aged interns to help with the demands of the fast-paced business. Caroline DeCarlo is working as KicksBySammy's Public Relations intern also responsible for blogging, while Sarah Koestler is working as a Social Media Intern and assistant to Samantha Handler. DeCarlo is a rising Junior at Penn State University majoring in Advertising/Public Relations, and Koestler is a rising Sophomore at Syracuse University hoping to major in communications.

Get to know KicksBySammy’s newest additions with these fast five questions:

1. What made you apply to be a part of the KicksBySammy team?

Caroline: I had been following KicksBySammy on Instagram since I was a senior in high school, so I really got a chance to watch the business grow, and definitely wanted to become a part of the fast-paced, exciting team that made it happen.

Sarah: When I was looking for an internship this summer, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I had been following KicksBySammy on Instagram for years now and I saw they posted that they were

Sarah Koestler 

Caroline DeCarlo

looking for interns. As soon as I saw this post I immediately applied because I have always loved the KicksBySammy designs and products and I knew I would love this opportunity.

2. In what ways do you identify with KicksBySammy?

Caroline: It was really inspiring to see a college-aged girl, like myself, succeed and stand out in a field as difficult as graphic design-- something I have been interested in for a long time.

Sarah: I’ve been following KicksBySammy from the start. Over the past few years the business has grown so much and really has showed me and aspiring entrepreneurs that you can do anything you set your mind to.


3. What do you hope to accomplish during your time with KicksBySammy?

Caroline: I hope to make the KicksBySammy story known, and showcase all of the company’s accomplishments. People should know that KicksBySammy goes far beyond designing shoes and has reached corporate success while still putting out the same small-scale projects that customers have loved for the past five years.

Sarah: Similar to Caroline, my main goal is to make KicksBySammy a well known business that not only college students/young people know about. Since the business is growing every day, I really think reaching this goal is possible.


4. How are you channeling your passions through your work with KicksBySammy?

Caroline: I am majoring in Public Relations (at Penn State) and have fallen in love with it. I have been given an awesome opportunity to pursue Public Relations with KicksBySammy as an intern, and have grown with each new project that I have taken on.

Sarah: I love taking photos of people, places and things. I’ve never taken pictures for a business before but it is something I’ve always wanted to do. I love every design/product by KicksBySammy and I can’t wait to take photos of all of these amazing products.

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