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June 2020

100 years of friendship and tradition at Lake Bryn Mawr Camp and all alumni are invited to join in on the celebration of LBMC’s 100th birthday at camp. 100 years ago the lives of women were drastically different. Women had just been granted the right to vote, NYC began the construction of the Holland Tunnel and commercial radio was becoming a big hit. While all of that change was occurring in the world, in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, Lake Bryn Mawr Camp was welcoming young women into their gates. Although women are now leaders of government and businesses and camps have evolved, LBMC’s core values have not changed. Loyalty, Beauty, Merit, and Comradeship will always be instilled into their community. Lake Bryn Mawr Camp has been guiding young girls to become fearless and respectful leaders for a century. Alumni know that summer camp is more than just kids having fun during their summer break, but it is where you learn valuable life lessons, make friendships for a lifetime, and cherish memories after stepping off that bus with your trunks each summer.


KicksBySammy is proud to help Lake Bryn Mawr Camp celebrate 100 years of sisterhood. KBS has designed the 100-year camp shirt that will be given out for summer 2020 and 2021.


KicksBySammy is excited to be able to design the logo for this special occasion that celebrates the 100 years of LBMC’s legacy!

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